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Rona, Switzerland.

Furke Pass in Switzerland.

Cloud drama on the Furke Pass in Switzerland.



The first of a trio of Matterhorn images. The one above was shot at dawn from the village of Zermatt, but that was the end of the drama light-wise that day, as the clouds dispersed . . .
The Matterhorn, Switzerland: Image copyright John T. Baker Photographer LLC
. . . leaving the Matterhorn in Switzerland in a not-so-photogenic state, but hey, we'll take it! Of course, my 'focus' here was on the wildflowers, and I just love the depth that this perspective gives the viewer.
A reflection to round of the Matterhorn set. The sky is somewhat 'characterless', so I made up for that with some foreground detail. Landscapes composed in this manner should be shot with apertures of f.16 to f.64.

Symmetry of a kind in Wengen, Switzerland.


It's the steps that make the image for me, leading as they do to attractive 'blobs' of color in Murren, Switzerland.
 Strictly copyrighted John T. Baker Photographer LLC, JayBee
St. Oswald's church in Sargans on the eastern edge of Switzerland. This is the dawn shot, and if it just happens to look very similar to . . .
 Strictly copyrighted John T. Baker Photographer LLC, JayBee
. . . this shot it's because St. Oswald's and Sargans Castle are just a few hundred yards apart. The castle, really a fortress, originally dates to the 12th century, with additions being made in subsequent centuries.

There are many, many high passes in Switzerland, and thus one will bump into a few low-flying clouds once in a while. This is not the time to put the camera away, but a time to explore a subtle world of soft hues and 'ghostly' sentinels.
 Strictly copyrighted John T. Baker Photographer LLC, JayBee
A Harebell - the American Bluebell - growing above Murren south of Interlaken.
I always suggest that folk shoot healthy species of any flora, but the 'bell' at the top of my image looks a little forlorn due to heavy raindrops, and I couldn't come up with a creative way of cropping it out!

Wonderful late light on the Eiger 'foothills' from near Stechelberg, Switzerland.

 Strictly copyrighted John T. Baker Photographer LLC, JayBee
Another typical set of European windows on the side of a small chapel. Again I suggest squaring up to your subject as best as possible so that the viewer is 'comfortable'. Sorry, a recliner doesn't help.

Another shot that could be just anywhere, but was taken in Sargans in the northwest corner of Switzerland.

 Strictly copyrighted John T. Baker Photographer LLC, JayBee
Village notice boards tell a lot of stories, and the image itself can often be very colorful. This one was in Murren, but the web quality won't let on as to whether you still have enough time to get over there for that buffet!

Lauterbrunnen Falls, just outside Lauterbrunnen in the heart of the Berner Oberland, Switzerland.


The backdrop is the Eiger as Swiss farmers gather winter feed for their cattle, which 'churn out' the notorious Swiss cheeses. The spot is Sonnenberg, Switzerland.


Looking toward Sonnenberg. The wonderful thing about the Alps is that you can wander about in the mountains and stumble upon tiny picturesque villages where you can get a meal and drink.


Why jump when you can take the cat ladder provided?! This was in Wengen, Switzerland.